About LHS

Our Mission

The Lincoln Hound Society is a group of conscientious dog owners who promote responsible dog ownership, community involvement, and the formation of sanctioned dog parks in the City of San José and surrounding areas.

We support family oriented, neighborhood based, free-roam dog exercise areas for responsible dog owners. We lead by example through conscientious pet ownership, outreach to other community groups, and coordination with local officials.

Our Goals

  • Sanctioned free-roam dog activities for responsible dog owners

  • Education to encourage responsible dog ownership and better dog-human relations

  • Opportunities for dogs — and their humans — to socialize in a safe, open air environment

  • Coordination with local civic agencies including the City of San José Department of Parks, Recreation, and Neighborhood Services, San José Unified School District, and Animal Care Services

  • Neighborhood investment through outreach and support of community projects

  • Support for pets in unexpected times of need

Our Volunteer Board

  • Co-Chairs: Marilyn Schroeder & Peter Allen

  • Co-Treasurers: Ashley Hale & Evangeline Thanig

  • Calendar Coordinator: Kate Mielke

  • Volunteer Coordinator: Marilyn Schroeder

  • Field Maintenance: Michael Hazinski

  • Communications: Rob Hugger

  • Webmaster: Peter Allen

  • General Support + Baked Goods: Bobbi Coleman

We're always looking for more volunteer helpers. And of course, every LHS Member is expected to be an LHS Advocate!

CONTACT US: hello@lincolnhound.org